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Dear Wizard Families,


We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of your for attending our recent Open House events. Your presence is critically important and we appreciate your commitment to your Wizard's education. It was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces and to meet some of you for the first time.


As partners in your child's learning journey, we want to ensure that you remain engaged and informed throughout the school year. Here are some important reminders on how you can stay involved:


  1. Parent Teacher Conferences: Any time that you'd like to connect with your child's teachers, please email them to schedule a time. Conferences are a great opportunity to discuss your child's progress, address any concerns, and set academic goals. All staff email addresses are listed in our staff directory on the campus website in alphabetical order.
  2. Community Events: Keep an eye out for our monthly community events calendar. We host various activities, culture events, learning workshops, and parent involvement programs throughout the year, and your participation is highly encouraged and welcomed.
  3.  Wizard Family Association (WFA): Our campus has an active Wizard Family Association that contributes to events, supports school initiatives, and makes recommendations to campus to better support the campus community as a whole. Joining WFA is a great way to contribute to our campus community and connect with other parents.
  4. Communication Channels: Stay connected with us through our school's official communication channels: School Messenger, Social Media, and campus website. We regularly share updates, newsletters, and important information.
  5. Volunteering opportunities: We welcome parent volunteers for various activities and events. Your time and skills are invaluable in enhancing the overall educational experience for our students. Please remember to complete the background check in advance, as it can take up to two weeks to be processed through our vendor.

    English: https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/MTE4NTplbi1VUw==
    Spanish: https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/MTE4NTplcy1VUw==


  1. Parent Feedback: Your feedback is essential to us. Please continue to provide us with feedback via POSSIP, which is our district's official feedback platform. POSSIP provides us with a holistic perspective and helps us identify trends---for ways in which we are doing well, and ways we can continue to improve. You are also welcomed to reach out to any staff member with questions, suggestions, or concerns you may have. https://shorturl.at/cJN14



We are excited about the year and look forward to working with each of you to provide the best possible educational experience for your children. Together, we can help them reach their full potential.


Once again, thank you for your active involvement in our school community. Your dedication is deeply appreciated.


Warm regards,

Ms. Ryans












  • Family Notes

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