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Hello Wizard Families,


Hispanic Heritage Month, observed annually from September 15th to October 15th, is a time to honor the rich history, culture, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. At YES Prep Southeast, we are thrilled to celebrate this meaningful month and embrace the diverse tapestry that makes our school community so vibrant.


Throughout this month, we have planned various educational and engaging activities that will help our students learn about the unique heritage and contributions of Hispanic and Latino individuals. We hope these initiatives will foster a sense of appreciation and understanding of the Hispanic culture and its impact on our society.


We kicked off the month today with our all school Hispanic Heritage Month assembly, showcasing student talents, traditions, and performances. Be sure to check out our instagram for photos of this event.


We also have themed dress days throughout the month, so be on the lookout for how your Wizard can participate in those as well.


We invite you to engage with your children during Hispanic Heritage Month, discussing the significance of this observance and exploring the diverse heritage of the culture. By fostering an inclusive and understanding environment, we can collectively celebrate and appreciate the unique contributions of all cultures within our school community.


We hope to see you next week at our monthly Wizard Family Association Meeting!


Ms. Ryans

Staffing and Course Updates


We have had some staffing transitions on our campus that we want you to be made aware of so that you can connect with your child's new teacher. Some of these changes were already communicated in grade level emails as well.


6th Grade Science:

Mr. Ware has graciously agreed to transition from Middle School P.E. to teaching 6th grade science. He will continue to teach his 8th grade Math course as well. His email is DeAngelo.Ware@yesprep.org


Middle School P.E.:

Ms. Brooks is excited to begin teaching middle school P.E. to support Mr. Ware's original classes and the classes that were formerly taught by Ms. Hayes. Ms. Brooks' email is Aneshia.Brooks@yesprep.org


10th Grade World Geography:

Ms. Karla Martinez recently joined the Wizard Family as our World Geography Teacher. Please help us welcome Ms. Martinez! Her email is Karla.Martinez@yesprep.org


12th Grade A.P.E.S.

While we determine the best path forward for this class, Mr. Buck will ensure students have access to content and material and keep them on pace to continue learning. His email is Michael.Buck@yesprep.org


8th Grade Math

We are excited to welcome Ms. Ingram back from leave! She will be back on campus next week and begin teaching classes mid-week. Her email is Sarita.Ingram@yesprep.org








As a reminder parents, If you are running late to pick up your student please remind your student to attend ASPIRE Core Club where they will be supervised by an ASPIRE staff and engage in card games, video games, sports, ping pong, snacks etc. Students should report to the union to check in.. Thank you. 


STAAR Tutorials:

STAAR tutorials have kicked off! Thank you to the families that are working to remind their kiddos about this additional support after-school. We had over 75 students absent from STAAR tutorials, If your student is not going to attend tutorials please email me so I can remove them from the program this year. Students will be auto removed after week 2 of no attendance. Thank you.





Hello Wizards!


We had our first Varsity/Middle School XC race this past Saturday, our Middle school girls had their first game on Thursday and our Varsity Volleyball teams started district play.  Next week we start off-season programming for Soccer and Basketball.  Athletics is in full swing and all our athletes and coaches are staying very active.  Student Athletes know their first grade check in Friday September 22ndat the end of the day.  HOME GAMES next week are Tuesday both Varsity Volleyball teams and Friday Varsity Boys volleyball team.   I hope you have been looking at the flyers in the HR PowerPoint as our Sports Management club has been hard at work making flyers to advertise the games. 



Next Week's Practice/Game Schedule:








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