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- Ms. Crancer: Shout out to Arturo (11th)! He was the F1RST Junior to turn in their Junior Contract. Thank you!!!!!!! DUE SEPTEMBER 5th to Crancer in G111 JUNIORS!

- Ms. Guidry: Brenda (12th)! for amazing class participation and for providing insightful and thought-provoking feedback.

- Ms. Ryans: Shout out to Fernando and Jacob from the class of 2024 for participating in our panel during staff in-service. Your perspective is so valuable. Thank you!!!


Wizard Families,


We hope this message finds you well and filled with the same excitement that has defined our first week of our 25th school year. As we settle into our routines and embark on this academic journey together, we wanted to take a moment to share our enthusiasm and provide some important updates and reminders.


Excitement and Achievements

The energy and enthusiasm we've witnessed during this past week have been truly remarkable. Our students have already shown their eagerness to learn and engage, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Whether it was the animated discussions in the classroom, the team building opportunities during advisory, or the new connections made with new teachers, your children have demonstrated their dedication and passion. We are especially proud of our 6th graders, the class of 2030, for beginning this journey with us. I also want to acknowledge the hard work of our seniors, the class of 2024. They have been working throughout the summer to make sure this year is our best one yet, and they are leading the charge for a positive school year.


Ways to Stay Connected

We believe in the power of open communication between school and home, and we know that the beginning of the school year means our office line is busy the entire day. We want to remind you of the other avenues you have to stay connected with us. Here are some ways you can reach out:

(1) Parent Teacher Conferences: Check our website for the emails of the entire staff, including teachers. Teachers have off periods at least 2 days a week where they can be available for one on one conferences with you. This is an excellent opportunity for you to discuss your child's progress, goals, and any questions you may have.


(2) School Website: Our school website is a hub of information, including the academic calendar, important announcements, and resources. Please check the website first to see if any questions you have may be answered with the information posted there.


(3) Email Communication: If you are seeking to connect with a teacher or administrator with any inquiries or concerns you may have, this is the best way to start that process. During the day, our focus is on supporting your students and their teachers in classrooms. We are not always available for an in the moment phone call because our biggest priority is ensuring a safe and positive environment for your child. All emails for staff on our website.


(4) Social Media: Follow us on instagram and Facebook for glimpses into daily school life, upcoming events, and student achievements.


(5) Wizard Family Association: Our family group that hosts meetings monthly, with both AM and PM opportunities for engagement and connection.



Friendly Reminders

As we settle into our routine, here are a few reminders to ensure a smooth and successful school year:

(1) Attendance: Regular attendance is crucial for your child's learning journey. Please ensure your child arrives on time (classes begin at 8:30) and is present for all scheduled classes. Please do your best to schedule appointments for days off or for after school.

(2) Assignments: Encourage your child to manage their assignments on Schoology effectively. Setting up a designated study space at home can help them create a routine.

(3) Healthy Habits: Prioritize your child's physical and mental well-belling by ensuring they get enough sleep, eat balanced, meals, engage in regular physical activity, and have a break from their cell phones at home.

(4) Campus Expectations: We have shared updated expectations for uniforms, cell phones, air pods, and backpacks. Please remind your students of these expectations, and expect to hear from us when your child is struggling to do so.


Item Drop Off

Additionally, we kindly ask that any items your child may have forgotten at home are dropped off by 10:00 a.m. in the front office. Items should be labeled with your child's first and last name, as well as their grade level. We will ensure that your child gets the items when they are dropped off by 10:00 a.m. Please do not text/call your student to have them meet you at any side doors. This is a huge safety issue. All items must be dropped in the front office.


Food Deliveries and Outside Food

Please do not send uber eats, door dash, or other delivery service items to students at school. These will be turned away. We also ask that you do not bring restaurant items during the student's lunch time. All students have access to free lunch, and any outside food impacts our ability to continue that service. If your child has a restaurant food item that is packed in their lunch at home and then brought to school first thing in the morning, that's fine.


Traffic Pattern

Lastly, we appreciate your patience and kindness as we navigate our new traffic pattern. The first few weeks can be tricky, and they will continue to be challenging once our neighboring school districts begin their school year. Continue to be patient, kind, and SAFE. Please follow all directions of staff in safety vests, and of the police officers. Also, please DO NOT move cones. They are placed strategically to keep your children safe.


We are excited for a wonderful year ahead!

Ms. Ryans



 Do you need access to Hero, our behavior tracking system? During open house our SST team will be providing parents with access key information and a step-by-step one pager on how to access hero.


ID Badges & Lanyards:

100% of middle school students should have received their ID badges as of 8/16/2023. HS student have not received their badge due to the insufficient amount of lanyards and pouches. We are working to get those as soon as possible.


This year it is an expectation that all student will wear and bring their ID badges to school daily. Please support in providing morning reminder to student before they leave home.  Once all student have received their ID badges we will start issuing demerits.


Water Bottles:

Leaders will start collecting and tagging water bottles on Monday. Student will drop off water bottles that does not meet the "clear or original container" expectation when they enter the vestibule area. Their water bottles will be tagged with a raptor name tag and locked in the union. Students will not be able to access the bottles thought the day, but may collect them in the union as they leave the building for dismissal.


Student will always have access to a water fountain during school hours. Please support by ensuring student only bring a clear spill proof water bottle or water in its original container.



WIN WIN WIN! We have seen a major decrease of bags that do not meet the expectation being checked in each morning.  Next week we will start phone calls home to ensure parents are aware of the backpack expectations for this year.


Lockers Distribution: 

Please be on the look out for information around locker distribution in the next two week. Student have the privilege of using locker on campus to store their belongings. Access to locker can be revoked throughout they year is student do not meet the expectations. Parent can opt out of their student having access to a locker.


If you wish to opt out, please do not sign the locker use agreement that will be sent home and check the box that states, "I do not grant permission for my child to use a locker on campus"


Upcoming Events:

Open House

High School - September 6th (5:00-6:30pm)

Middle School - September 7th (5:00-7:30pm


Substance Abuse Family Education Night

Time and Date will be announce soon. This year we are offering one family education night each quarter.

Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15th - October 15th

Assembly to be held on September 15th


Please be on the look out for Parent engagement opportunities.


Early Dismissal

September 15th, student will be dismissed at 1:00pm. Attendance is taken everyday, we have fun activities and lesson planned for this day/


Picture Day

October 3rd - Whole School

October 10th - Seniors Only

November 9th - Picture Make Up Day


Homecoming 2023

Homecoming will be held in October this year, more information to come, Save the week October 9th -14th


Uniforms Update:

Our second order of uniforms is on its way. As a reminder, this order of uniforms is for students who DID NOT receive their five free shirts. After ALL students receive their five free uniforms, we will place an order of additional uniform shirts for PURCHASE. 

Click ---> UNIFROM SURVEY! <----

If you have already received your shirts, but want to PURCHASE more shirts, please complete the survey. The survey will help us determine how many sizes to order so that families can be prepared to purchase.


Coffee With The Principal:


RSVP for coffee with principal: Click ---> HERE <----

Purpose: It is important for the principal to engage with families for coffee with the principal at 3 strategic times each year. The beginning, middle, and end. The purpose of coffee with the principal is to connect, build trust, and discuss Ms. Ryans’ a high level overview of strategic vision and priorities and the health of our campus community. For our first coffee with the principal, we will introduce families to campus leadership, provide information about family engagement opportunities for the entire year, and share context around the campus call to action to strengthen our relationships with all Wizard Families. This is also an opportunity for Ms. Ryans to hear from families about their experiences with our family engagement initiatives and programming throughout the year.

As a reminder, this space is not for one-on-one conferences. Ms. Ryans will host office hours that families can sign up for to engage in conversations for individual and specific concerns or situations. We will also have Family Advisory Council meetings, Wizard Family Association meetings, and other opportunities for staying connected, volunteering, or organizing. All of those announcements will live in The Weekly Family Notes, which are posted to our website on Fridays.



Student are receiving more information about specific clubs during their homeroom announcements. Remind them to be on the lookout during homeroom.


If you would like to learn more information or pick up an ASPIRE enrollment form, please attend the optional parent meeting Wednesday, Aug 23rd  from 5pm-6pm.


STAAR Tutorials

If your student did not meet grade level on their STAAR test assessment last year, you can expect to receive a parent letter by Aug 23rd, outlining their tutorial requirements.

Tutorials begin September 12th and only be held on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Tuesday - Math/ Science

Wednesday-English/ Social Studies

Athletic Events

Our first home game is Aug 25th . Join us!









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