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Exciting news! We're on the lookout for fantastic additions to our Southeast community for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, and we want your help.

Know a family that would thrive at YES Prep Southeast? Refer them, and not only will you be contributing to the growth of our vibrant community, but you'll also score some exclusive swag as a token of our appreciation!

Refer a family now: https://yesprep.org/referafamily

Let's make our YES Prep family even more extraordinary together!

Wizards Families,


As we wrap up National School Counseling Week, I wanted to take one more opportunity to highlight the work of our incredible team in:


Ms. Guidry, College Counselor

Ms. Palmarini, College Counselor

Ms. Mendez, College Counselor

Ms. Fernandez, Student Support Counselor

Ms. Daniel, Student Support Counselor


We know that SO many of you have experienced the power of their investment and support of our Wizards, as they prepare them to be leaders at school and in life!


Intentional and consistent fostering of personal development is a huge component of their tireless efforts, and the impact of their influence is far beyond a student's graduate date from YES Prep. Students experience a sense of deep connection, empathy, and accountability from our counselors. The actions our counselors take day in and day out are a testament to their deeply held belief that all students are capable.


Families, please join me in thanking Ms. Guidry, Ms. Palmarini, Ms. Mendez, Ms. Fernandez, and Ms. Daniel!



Happy Counselors Week!


Ms. Ryans

Application Weekly Update

Villegas, Jessica


We hope this message finds you well. We're thrilled to share an update on the current status of applications for the upcoming academic year. Here's where we stand:

6th - 91

7th - 51

8th - 36

9th - 37

10th – 26

While these numbers mark a promising start, our experience has shown that not all applicants materialize into enrolled students. This is where we seek your support in spreading the word how Every Opportunity Starts with a YES. YES Prep goes beyond college-forward education and high academic standards.  YES Prep represents opportunities. Opportunities for a better future. Opportunities to feel empowered. Today and every day, say YES to the possibilities of tomorrow.


Your involvement is crucial in making these positive outcomes a reality. Whether it's sharing our message or connecting us with families interested in learning more about Southeast Secondary, your contribution can make a lasting impact.


If you're interested in helping us spread the word or know of a family eager to explore what Southeast Secondary has to offer, please get in touch with Jessica Villegas - jessica.villegas@yesprep.org


Together, let's pave the way for a future filled with opportunities!


Intent to Return STUDENT Survey IS LIVE!

Hughes, Cameron

The annual intent to return is now complete. Thank you all for your support in completing this survey. For families that are undecided, our team will follow up you to answer any questions we may have.


CONGRADULATIONS to our winners…


1st - 7th (Raffle of Wireless Earbuds and 1 additional activity time)

2nd - 6th


1st - 11th (Raffle of Wireless Earbuds and 1 additional activity time)

2nd - 10th (1 additional activity time)


In second place winners are 6th and 10th grade


Attendance Update



As we complete the second week of 2nd semester, it is imperative that students attend all school days. Each student's presence matters, not only for their academic progress but also for building connections and providing necessary support.


Students are marked absent for the day if they arrive at school after 10:00 AM. Daily student attendance is taken in all class periods.


Remember that students can enter the building as early as 8:00 AM and are considered tardy after 8:30 AM.

When your child is absent from school, your school’s front office will call home to find out why they missed school. When the student returns to school, they should turn in their excused note within 48 hours. The guardian can also complete an excuse note digitally in Skyward. The excuse note will then be added to the student’s file and your child must make up all missed assignments. Please note that if an excused absence is NOT turned in within 48 hours of the absence, the absence will remain unexcused. 


What is an excused absence? An excused absence is when a student provides physical or electronic documentation (a note from parent/legal guardian) within 48 hours of the absence. The following are possible reasons a student may receive an excused absence: Illness, bereavement / funeral (immediate family), school-sanctioned activities, family emergency, medical related, religious observances (not church camp), short-term suspension or other disciplinary actions, protected under state or federal law. 


What is an unexcused absence? Unexcused absences are when a child is absent without documentation signed by a guardian or doctor that meets the criteria for an excused absence. 


If you have any questions regarding school attendance and policy, click here.


Please help our students get to school every day, on-time, so that we can do our part to prepare them for success!





STAAR Tutorials:


We had a successful week 2. We had 89% attendance. From 60 % last week to 89% this week! Thank you parents for making the effort in getting your kids here. Thank you. Please continuing communicating with Ms. Briz if your student is going to be absent.


We removed 50 students from the list due to 2 consecutive absences. We currently have a total of 236 active participants in the program.



Week 2 Incentives:

  • "Too Sweet to Miss" Cotton candy and other treats for kids that attend tutorials





Please note that with Tutorials running now, the union is a very busy area Tuesday and Wednesday. I am asking everyone who is able to help with directing students out the building and help clear halls, union, gym etc. The help is appreciated. It can get pretty wild between 4-4:15pm.



Shout out to CHESS Club for recruiting more students!!


Shout out to Black Student Union for helping plan the BHM ASSEMBLY next week!!

Stem Club


Basketball season has officially come to an end.  Thank you so much for all the support and hard work this season.  Soccer Season is officially here.  Please note the schedule below.  Our Athletic Banquet is March 28th, more information to follow. 



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