Say YES to Summer

Southeast Enrichment- Summer 2022 Edition: Accelerated Learning June 13th-June 24th M-F: Any current 7th, 9th and 11th grade students who did not meet STAAR goals will be required to attend accelerated learning, where they will receive targeted STAAR intervention and support. We will receive final STAAR scores on May 25th, and will notify families by May 26th if their student is required to attend.

Accelerated Learning Summer Team


ASPIRE/Athletic Programming- June 6th- July 21st M-Th (no programming June 27th-July 5th) We will run a limited ASPIRE summer program as we transition ASPIRE Coordinators. Athletics department will offer off-season conditioning for our current athletes ran by Chris Garcia and his coaching staff. We will also offer 2-3 additional enrichment clubs ran by Humphrey and Davis.

Credit Recovery May 31- June 17th M-Th:  We will offer summer credit recovery for any high school student that needs to make up fall or spring course credits. Students that need to attend summer credit recovery will be notified between May 24th- May 27th.     

Credit Recovery Staff

Sped Summer Services: (Session 1 June 13th- 24h, Session 2 July 6th-20th)

Identified students will be able to receive services in preparation for the following school year.

Sped Summer Team


Summer Accelerated Learning Program


students studying math equations
Teacher assisting student
students studying math equations
teacher greets students with a smile
students focused on reading
students studying math equations

Churraaay! Kick off to EOC!

student enjoying churro snack

Summer Aspire/Athletics Program

boys volleyball drills
girls basketball drill
student spikes volleyball

Students in Game Room

students playing Jenga
teacher appreciation table

Teacher Appreciation