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School-Sponsored Transportation  

Students are expected to arrange for their own transportation, unless provided for by the school via a bus or YES Prep rented vehicle.  

Students are encouraged to ride the school bus and take full advantage of the free transportation provided by YES Prep Public Schools. Free transportation at YES Prep is a privilege and not a right. It is important for all bus riders to accept and acknowledge that this privilege will only be continued if their behavior on the school bus is reasonable and safe. Students who choose to engage in unacceptable behaviors on a school bus create a risk for themselves as well as other students, the bus driver, the motoring public, and pedestrians.  

Students should be aware that all the rules contained in the Student Handbook are applicable to their conduct while riding school-provided transportation. When the term “on school property” is used in the Code of Conduct it includes school transportation. Any violation of the expectations may result in disciplinary action as well as loss of the privilege of being able to use the school bus.  

Bus & Route Information

To track your student's bus and to get updates on arrival times, download the First View App.

School Code 3 x W8.

If the First View App is not working and you cannot see the ETA of the bus to your stop, please call the bus yard that corresponds to your campus, and the dispatcher will be able to give you information about your route. 

Southeast: First Student - Hansen Yard, 713-941-9702

Bus Routes

Carpool and Driving to School  

Any legal guardian dropping or picking up a student must adhere to all YES Prep Southeast traffic guidelines  

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the police being called for assistance. Any traffic violations are subject to police investigation. The individual responsible for any damage caused to school property or other vehicles on campus property will be responsible for their actions.  

Student Drivers 

Driving to school and parking at YES Prep is a privilege for students. We have a limited number of spots available for student drivers, which are designated by the numbered spaces in our parking lot.  Parking spots will be given to eligible seniors first, then juniors and sophomores.  When student driving spaces become available, seniors will have one week to reserve their spot on a first come first serve basis and then all other eligible students will have an opportunity to reserve a space.

Students who are approved to drive and park at YES Prep Southeast assume full responsibility for their vehicle and all items within the vehicle at all times.  YES Prep Southeast is not responsible for any theft, damage or vandalism to student’s vehicle at any time. Eligible students and their guardian must first register their car with the front office. Student must present a copy of their valid Texas driver's license, their current insurance proving that the student is personally insured on the policy, and a payment of $20 per year. Students who are unable to provide a proper license or insurance upon request are not permitted to park on campus. Students who provide this information to the front office and are approved to drive to school will be issued a parking permit. It is the student’s responsibility to update the front office if their insurance expires.

Once a student receives a parking permit, students must hang the permit on their rear view mirror, so that it is visible at all times. Violation of these procedures will result in towing and losing YES Prep parking privileges.

Students are not allowed to leave the YES Prep Southeast campus during the school day unless they have a note from a parent or guardian and the front office has called home to verify the note. Students who leave campus without following this protocol will forfeit their right to park in the YES Prep Southeast parking lot and the HS Dean of Students may take additional disciplinary action.

Students who are tardy to school more than four times in one grading period will lose parking privileges for the remainder of that grading period.

Student Parking Agreement 19-20